Due to the sharpness of The Magic Castle® driveway, we’ve detailed below how larger buses or passenger shuttles will be able to drop guests off at the Club. If you do plan on arriving via bus, shuttle or limo, you must inform your Special Event Coordinator prior to your event date.


• If you’re traveling West, drive past The Magic Castle® and Magic Castle Hotel and turn right onto Sycamore Blvd.
• If you’re traveling East, drive past the Highland Gardens Hotel and turn left onto Sycamore Blvd.
• When you reach the fork in the road, turn right.
• In about 100 feet, stop in front of the small parking lot (do not turn into the lot). This will be the drop off location.
• Guests can then walk down the driveway and to the left where The Magic Castle® main doors are.
• Shuttles and busses can then continue on Sycamore Blvd.


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