Special Events Calendar

Soapy Smith Night Sunday, Jul 08, 2012 - 6:00PM to 11:00PM
INNER CIRCLE: On Soapy Smith Night at the Magic Castle, coming up on Sunday, July 8th, Gold Rush fever reigns. People dress up in their 1890’s Gold Rush finery, and beginning at 6:00 pm the games begin. Antique gaming tables for Faro, Chuck a Luck, Roulette, and Black Jack are run by Phillip Gessert and his Tombstone, Arizona dealers. Dave Bourne and the Medicine Show Band will be playing. There will be costume prizes for the most authentic, funniest and sexiest costumes. Rob Zabrecky will be running the auction, and Chef Anton will perform his trick Shot show.

The dealer who wins the most Soapy Money wins a set of School for Scoundrels Colorado Silver Shells. These are made of solid sterling silver by Jurgen Maerz of the Platinum Guild, and the set weighs almost four ounces.

Dealers can work at one of our Faro or dice tables, or set up their own game. They must pay $20 to register as a dealer, and in return they each get $1000 dollars in Soapy money to start their game. They can purchase more money during the evening, but at the regular price–$5 US for 100 Soapy dollars.

The dealer with the most Soapy money by 9:30 pm wins the Silver Shells. One year it was won by a shell game man, the next by a guy selling tickets to a non-existent lottery.

These beautiful shells are designed by Pop Haydn, and are our “top of the line” shells for the shell game at www.ScoundrelsStore.com. They sell for $450 a set. These were inspired by the story of Nutshell Jim who won so much money from the silver miners of Creede, Colorado during the 1880?s that he had his favorite shell game shells cast in silver. The sheen of the silver shells gliding across the table inflamed the avarice of the miners and cowboys who lost everything they had trying to “follow the little pea.”

To be a dealer, you should check in at the Inner Circle between 5:00 and 6:00 pm on the 8th. Dealers must be in costume. The player who wins the most Soapy money will also win a great prize. Players get 100 Soapy Dollars for five dollars US, and can buy more at the same price. There is twenty-five dollar door charge for non-members, and a five dollar charge for members and the guests who are with them. The extra-door charge of five dollars gives you $100 in Soapy Money to play with, and goes completely to the Vernon Fund.

People dress up in Gold Rush finery, Old West and Steampunk styles. The normal Magic Castle dress codes do not apply to costumes, though if you are not in an obvious 19th Century costume, the standard dress code will apply. Check any guns at the door.