2016 Election Announcement

2016 Election Announcement Jul 21, 2015
2016 Election Announcement The 2016 election season will soon be underway! As members of one of the world's most unique clubs, it is important that all Magicians and Associates understand the responsibility each of us has every two years. Members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees represent us in every aspect of our club and regularly make decisions that affect the entire membership. We urge all members to make an effort to get to know this year's candidates and vote for those who will best represent us as we remain the premier magic venue in the world. For those members considering placing their names in nomination, the following is a summary of the basic requirements and procedures as stated in the AMA Bylaws and Standing Rules, which can be found on the Magic Castle website. Please note that an official petition form is required and will be made available to all candidates on the Magic Castle Website, or at the Castle's front desk, and must be used for nominations. We expect these petitions to be available by September 1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1. The Board of Directors consists of four Magician members and three Associate members. 2. The term for each Director is two years. 3. No Director may be elected to more than three consecutive terms. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1. The Board of Trustees consists of seven Magician Members. 2. The term for each Trustee is two years. 3. Commencing with the election in 2016, no person may be elected to more than four consecutive terms as a Trustee. For the purpose of transitioning into these terms limits, transitional language is found in Article IV, Section 3 of the AMA Bylaws. 4. Only Magician Members can run or vote for the Board of Trustees. ELIGIBILITY Only primary (non-spousal) members who have maintained continuous membership in the Academy for five (5) previous years just prior to the candidacy deadline (October 25th) for the upcoming election can be nominated and be a candidate for the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees. Candidates must be members in good standing and not have been subject to any AMA disciplinary actions (pursuant to the AMA Bylaws). Non incumbents wishing to have their names placed in nomination for the Board of Directors or the Board of Trustees may do so by completing a 2016 Petition for Candidacy, and deliver said petition to the AMA Secretary on or before October 25th, either in person, by email, or mail c/o the Magic Castle. Instructions for completing the petition may be found on the petition itself. We expect these petitions to be available by September 1. All candidates, including incumbents, must also submit to the AMA Secretary on or before October 25th: • a Candidacy Statement (preferably in electronic format) of 150 words or less (as counted by Microsoft Word), and • a portrait photograph (black and white or color, in JPEG or GIF format). OTHER IMPORTANT FACTS No person may be a candidate for both the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees in the same election. No person may serve on the Board of Directors while employed by the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. Nominations to the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees cannot be made at the annual meeting or in any manner other than is provided for in Article V, Section 4 of the AMA Bylaws. For the complete procedures of the election process, and all eligibility requirements, candidates are encouraged to read the AMA's Bylaws and Standing Rules, which can be found on the Website. Jim Steinmeyer Secretary, Academy of Magical Arts We wish everyone the best of luck. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Election Committee Chair, Dale Boatman, at, or

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