An evening that recreates the elegance and mystery of a classic victorian séance.

the séance is held for a private group of ten to twelve guests in our historic Houdini Séance Chamber. Decorated in the High Victorian style, it is now the home of many priceless pieces of Houdini memorabilia, including the only set of cuffs Houdini was unable to open.

houdini devoted much of his final years to the investigation of psychic phenomena.

He promised his beloved wife Beatrice that he would, if he could find a way, send her a message from the other side.

Houdini was a man of his word.

The Houdini Séance

You will experience remarkable things you might not fully understand. Don’t feel alone. It’s that way for all of us.

Your party begins its experience with a four-course gourmet meal at 6:30 p.m. with bottomless red and white house wine during the dining portion of your evening — all created by your own private chef and served by your own private butler.

a medium will then join you who will open the veil between this world and the next. Your medium will begin with fascinating experiments in the power of the unseen and then, forming a magic circle, will summon the spirits and allow them to demonstrate their awesome ability to manifest in our physical world.

After your séance, assuming your party stays in its current physical manifestation, you will receive tickets to see our main magic show in the Palace of Mystery (pending availability).

Thousands have waited, sometimes for days, merely for a glimpse of the man. You, however, have us. And we know his people.

All guests attending the séance must be over 21 years of age and must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. Advanced reservations are required for these very special séances. Light paperwork and a $300 deposit are required to secure a séance date.

To make a reservation for this extraordinary, mindbending, turn-you-into-a-believer, other-wordly, experience email the Seance Manager at

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