your night at the Magic Castle would not be complete without magic!
The Academy of Magical Arts hosts many different magic shows in an eclectic array of
unique showrooms.

Week of June 17 - 23

The Parlor Of Prestidigitation

Our medium-sized theatre, seating 58 guests, recreates the Victorian experience of the parlour (living room) magician.

The Palace Of Mystery

The largest and longest show of the evening, this stage hosts grand illusionists and other stage performers. Priority seating for Palace shows goes to dinner guests with reservations.

The Library Bar

The Peller Theatre

Wednesday - Sunday

Manu Vera

8:00 • 10:00 • 11:30
Wednesday - Sunday

Juan Luis Rubiales

The Hat and Hare

Monday - Wednesday

Nick Dopuch

5:00 - 10:00pm
Thursday - Sunday

Bob Gebert

10:00 - Close
Thursday - Sunday

Mike Pisciotta

6:00pm- 9:30pm

Parlour Kids Shows

Frank Thurston

Weekend Brunch
June 22 & 23
11:30am • 12:15pm • 1:00pm • 2:15pm

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