Jheff’s Journal of the Mind – Preview Issue

Author/Editor: Jheff (Jeff Poncher)

Jheff’s Mind
This Month’s Spotlight – Jack Kent Tillar
Under the Tea Cups (Jack Kent Tillar)
50 Years of Magic, Mentalism, Music and Life
Jack Kent Tillar’s Mind
Raising Blisters
Design Duplications (Jack Kent Tillar)
Remembering Names (Jack Kent Tillar)
The Trading Card Divination (Jack Kent Tillar)
After Words (Jack Kent Tillar)

Genre: Mentalism/Spirit

Edition: 1st Edition

Condition: Very Good

Media Type: MAN

No. of Pages: 14

Publish Date: November 2006

Donated By: Jon Armstrong

Library Location Information

Lookup Code J213.j:MAN:dr

Color Code: Light Green

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