Scheduled Lunch Menus

Served Weekly:

New England Clam Chowder with applewood smoked bacon
Famous Magic Castle® Chili
Lane Mansion salad with marinated artichoke hearts
Classic Caesar salad with herb-marinated sundried tomatoes
Pastries Assortment • Fresh Seasonal Fruit and Berries • Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rotating Hot Food:

– July 12th, 2024 –

Roasted broccolini and shallot butter

Mash potatoes

Forest mushroom and butternut squash stroganoff

Grilled chicken piccata

Classic Seafood cioppino

Carving Station: Leg of lamb

– July 19th, 2024 –

BBQ roasted heirloom carrots and herb dressing

Garlic mash potatoes

Cheddar cheese corn bread

Grilled Atlantic salmon and salsa verde

Balsamic BBQ baby pork ribs

Carving Station:Grilled marinated Beef Tri Tip

– July. 26th 2024 –

Balsamic, herb roasted Roma tomatoes and gremolata

Grilled jumbo asparagus

Spaghetti a la Bolognese

3 cheese ravioli and a garlic butter sauce

Roasted branzino, lemon, olives and capers

Carving Station:Slow roasted prime rib & Grilled Italian sausages

– Aug. 2nd, 2024 –

Roasted cauliflower and spinach pesto (gf)

Garlic mashed potatoes (gf)

Pumpkin seed tofu ratatouille (gf)

Rigatoni and slow simmered impossible sugo di carne

Gardein “beef” tip and vegetable stew (gf)

Carving Station: Slow roasted whole prime rib

– Aug. 9th, 2024 –

Haricot verts and shallot butter

Garlic noodles olio y aglio

Breaded chicken parmesan and marinara sauce

Creamy seafood stew and vol au vent puff pastry

Beef tenderloin braciola, red wine, tomatoes and basil

Carving station: Slow roasted leg of lamb

– Aug. 16th, 2024 –

Sweet milk braised corn on the cobb

Garlic mash potatoes

Aged cheddar mac and cheese

Buttermilk fried chicken

Filet mignon “Salisbury” style

Carving Station: Slow-roasted prime rib & Grilled bratwurst

– Aug. 23rd, 2024 –

Haricots verts amandine with brown butter and sliced almonds

Steamed rice pilaf with summer squash

Grilled eggplant with ratatouille ragu

Slow-braised beef short ribs

Roasted local seabass, lemon and tomato sauce vierge

– Aug. 30th, 2024 –

Provencal vegetable corn succotash

Baked potato bar

Magic Castle® cream spinach

Garlic butter pan-roasted seabass

Herb and lemon roasted chicken

Carving Station: Slow-roasted prime rib

– Sep 6th, 2024 –

Whole jumbo herb roasted portobello mushroom

Buttermilk mash potatoes

Cauliflower gratin

House made turkey meatloaf

Roasted Branzino lemon piccata

Carving Station: Slow-roasted whole prime rib

– Sep. 13th, 2024 –

Roasted jumbo asparagus. (gf)

Garlic herb grilled artichoke.  (gf)

Penne and sundried tomato pink vodka sauce

Balsamic marinated grilled tofu steaks (gf)

Gardein “chicken” parmesan, marinara sauce, and fresh basil

Carving Station: Slow-roasted prime rib

– Sep. 20th, 2024 –

Garlic and Miso butter broccolini

Classic fried rice

Beef and vegetable stir fry.

Sweet and sour roasted Atlantic salmon

Teriyaki grilled chicken.

Carving Station: Slow-roasted prime rib

– Sep. 27th, 2024 –

Garlic and Miso butter broccolini

Classic fried rice

Beef and vegetable stir fry.

Sweet and sour roasted Atlantic salmon

Teriyaki grilled chicken.

Carving Station: Slow-roasted prime rib

– Oct. 4th, 2024 –

Summer squash Briami

Mediterranean basmati rice

Warm and soft pita, hummus and Greek tzatziki sauce

Herb roasted branzino, tomato puree and crumbled feta cheese

Lemon garlic chicken kabobs

Carving Station: Slow-roasted leg of lamb

– Oct. 11th, 2024 –

Roasted Italian vegetables

Garlic butter heirloom fingerling potatoes

Linguini and aged parmesan alfredo sauce

Florentine style chicken breast with spinach, mozzarella and mushroom

Roasted wild branzino cacciatore

Carving Station: Slow-roasted whole prime rib

– Oct. 18th, 2024 –

Spanish rice and pinto beans

Seasonal vegetable medley

Hand rolled mushroom enchiladas, sauce and crumbled queso fresco

Chicken fajitas, bell peppers, onions and flour tortillas

Roasted salmon “pescado ala vera cruzana”

Carving Station: Grilled skirt steak with salsa verde

Lunch Dress Code

Friday lunches are Members only from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for ages 21+, and the dress code is more relaxed

Gentlemen must be in khakis or slacks with a dress shirt, casual button-down, or polo shirt.

Ties, suit coats, and blazers are not required unless otherwise noted below

Ladies must be in a "summer" dress, skirt and dressy top, or slacks with a dressy top.

For both gentlemen and ladies, T-shirts will be accepted only if worn with a blazer or sports coat. Undamaged denim will be tolerated.

Sleeveless, ripped, or worn T-shirts will not be accepted. No inappropriate attire will be allowed. No shorts, tank tops, sandals, or flip-flops are allowed.

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