Omelete Bar
Rolls/ Seasonal Fruit Display
Salad Bar – Chopped Romaine, Mixed Greens
– Condiments carrots, red onions, sliced olives, cherry tomatoes, croutons, cucumbers, cheddar cheese
Italian pasta salad
Tomato & Cucumber salad
Shrimp on ice, cocktail sauce, lemons
Smoked Salmon, Fresh Bagels, cream cheese & pickled red onion, capers
Crab Legs
Tuna ceviche
Cucumber ceviche (vegan)
Garden Vegetables (vegan)
Chicken medallions / lemon caper sauce
Potato medley
Scrambled Eggs
Applewood Smoked Bacon / chicken apple sausage
Salmon croquettes/ mediterranean sauce
Portobello ravioli lemon butter sauce
Prime Rib & Country Ham/ au jus, creamy horseradish, and plain horseradish / applesauce
Mac & Cheese
Tater Tots
Chicken Tenders
Assorted Mini Pastries, Eclairs, Macaroons, Fresh Baked Cookies,
Seasonal Cakes and Pie
*Desserts contain nuts

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