Magic III students will delve deeper into the key principles of Parlour magic as well as create, perform and be evaluated on an original magic routine. Theoretical discussions will include physical misdirection, verbal misdirection and time misdirection.

This class is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to perform advanced magic giving students slightly more advanced and complex concepts, as well as principles and effects that require more involved techniques. It will combine instructor presentation, step-by-step explanation, hands-on instruction, group practice sessions and individual performance.

Props will be provided by the Academy of Magical Arts, and include a close-up pad (if you have not taken Magic I), cards, rubber bands, wand, bottle caps, notebook and pen as well as index cards.


  • Identify, Describe & Demonstrate:
  • Fundamental slights.
  • Key elements of misdirection.
  • Identify & Describe key principles of Parlour Magic.
  • Practice basic handling techniques for common magic props.
  • Create, Perform & Evaluate an original story line incorporating a magic effect.
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