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The Academy of Magical Arts offers magic classes
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Essential Classes Lessons in Conjuring Series

Our courses are structured for anyone looking to advance their skills in magic. Whether you are an aspiring magician or a professional performer, we have a perfect fit for you. If you have any questions about which level is right for you, please contact us at

Classes are held once a week over a six-week semester over ZOOM. Each class is 2 hours, with no more than 12 students to each class. We strive to allow for personal instruction, as well as questions and feedback. We offer both morning and evening classes throughout the week; all classes are taught in PST.

AMA's Magic Classes provide a positive, safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment. We proudly embrace all genders, sexual identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, religions, abilities and everything in between. Additionally, if you are concerned about any physical or learning disabilities you may have, we are happy to discuss ways we can make our program accessible to you.

Please note: Enrollments can be cancelled or changed until 14 days prior to the class start date. If you are purchasing classes as a gift, it is your responsibility to inform us of the recipient’s name during checkout or by emailing Late cancellations, transfers, name changes cannot be accommodated after the cancellation/change cutoff date.

Magic I will focus on basic principles of card and coin magic including forces, controls, and rudimentary palming as well as discussions involving the history and theory of magic that will allow the student to develop appreciation for the art form.
Magic II will introduce students to slightly more advanced card and coin effects as well as introduce sponge ball magic. Theoretical discussions will include the key elements of misdirection, overcoming stage fright, and keys to effective audience management.
Magic III students will delve deeper into the key principles of Parlour magic as well as create, perform and be evaluated on an original magic routine. Theoretical discussions will include physical misdirection, verbal misdirection and time misdirection.
Magic-IV students will delve deeper into the key principles of both close-up and stand-up magic as well as create, perform and be evaluated on an original magic routine. Theoretical discussions will include physical misdirection, verbal misdirection and time misdirection.
Magic-V students will explore presentation styles that best suit their personality as well as spend time on the importance of writing original patter (including humor or appropriate comedy) including how to link a variety of effects together into a cohesive routine.
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PRO Series Special Guest/Rotating Series

AMA PRO Series: Cups & Balls with Suzanne

Online instruction has never been better and easier thanks to the pandemic. During our closure, the Board of Trustees worked closely with the 3rd floor staff to offer official online Magic Classes with our talented instructors for everyone from beginners to intermediate to advanced levels. Whilst in-person magic lessons and magician workshops will eventually return, we will be offering the AMA Specialty Series to our magician members. First up is Castle favorite: Suzanne The Magician.

AMA members know and love Suzanne, and many of you have seen her perform in the club over the years. She is the first (and still only) woman to be named Close-Up Magician of the Year by the AMA (2010). She is famously known for her Cups & Balls routine, and many have trained with her privately to improve their technique. Now is your chance to get an inside look at her thinking on this classic of magic.

This is an intermediate to advanced master class. By the end of this 3-hour class (in two installments), you will be on the road to having a solid foundation for flawless technique and a deeper understanding of what will help your cups and balls routine flow more smoothly. This class will open a door for you for what was a very long journey for Suzanne in her sleight of hand development.

Suzanne will share her thoughts on the false transfer, fake push under, fake take, tip load, side load, and a big ball load. Even if you've been performing the cups and balls for years, this class will help you learn subtleties that will move you to the next level.

These two Virtual Specialty Classes will be on Sunday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 29th, from 1pm to 2:30pm PT. Space will be very limited in this class. You must be a magician member in-good-standing for this 2-course session, and you must take both classes.

Only 15 slots available!

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